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Our goal at Koko & Chai is to support you on the journey to being the healthiest version of yourself and making your special event as magical as possible. Our meals are created with the intention of healing your body from the inside out and focusing on healthy, nutritional food that is flavourful. We pride ourselves in only using the best and purest ingredients, that are fresh, organic and free range.


We strive to be environmentally friendly and use packaging that is sustainable, compostable and made from plants.


Koko & Chai is a family run business by two sisters Komal and Sonali Swamy. The duo's love and passion for delicious food has led them to travelling the world together and visiting many different countries over the years. This sparked their interest in seeking and exploring different flavour pallets and combinations.

The sisters are each others support system in overcoming many challenges that have been thrown their way. The idea behind Koko & Chai started to develop after Komal faced the unexpected diagnosis of type 2 Diabetes at the age of 27. According to health professionals this was mainly due to her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and bad eating habits. This was a wake up call for Komal, that she needed to change her lifestyle drastically. The phrase "when the going gets tough, you keep on going" came to mind. Being a chef Komal decided to focus on food that would heal her from the inside accompanied with a regular exercise regime. Komal wanted to do all that she could to fight her Diabetes without medication or meal replacements. After one year of this drastic lifestyle change Komal bet the odds and reversed her diabetes. 


The duo want to help others embrace and enjoy a healthier diet and lifestyle in the most natural and hassle free way.  Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland or boring and that's what we're here to prove. 



Komal's journey as a chef started at the young age of 18 when she decided to leave her Business and Social Anthropology degree and pursue her passion in Culinary Arts. 

Komal further developed her knowledge for a variety of different cuisines after moving to Melbourne, Australia, one of the most multi cultural cities in the world. After spending four years working her way from Sous Chef to Head Chef Komal moved back to New Zealand and pursued a new career as a private chef. 

When Komal is in the kitchen she is in her happy place, its the one place where she feels a sense of purpose. Being born in Fiji and coming from the Pacific Islands, Komal understands the importance and nutritional value of fresh and organic produce. She makes food with the mindset of how she ate whilst growing up. Using only finest and the freshest handpicked ingredients. Cooking good, honest food from the heart is what Chef Komal prides herself on.

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Sonali Swamy

Co- Founder 

Based in Auckland, New Zealand

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Katie Hobbs

Marketing & Branding Manager

Based in Melbourne, Australia

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